KHALIAH FITCHETTE - Founder & Lead Designer 

Whether it’s 1:1 fittings in Beverly Hills or staying cool on the NJ-10 campaign trail, Khaliah is an avid champion for women's equality. With 10 years of design expertise styling for major brands like Mint Swim, Gold Hawk Clothing, and Banana Republic, Khaliah's passion stems from personal experience wearing uncomfortable and unflattering suits as a young woman in politics.

Khaliah is responsible for refining the iconic silhouette of our trademark women’s suits, inspired by homage to the female figure. When it comes to design and function, HEIRS & HERS Couture shows a true talent for knowing what flatters.


We’ve built a strong team of feminist tailors who cater to you, know women's bodies, and style fashionable suit separates to merge seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.

Trained at NYC’s Fashion Institute and perfected on Savile Row, our tailors are the best in the fund tailoring and exploding the women’s industry within bespoke suiting. What’s more rewarding than creating a new profession for the next generation of expert women tailors?




Slow fashion is good fashion. HEIRS & HERS Couture fabrics are ethically sourced and crafted from all natural fibers. We never use viscose or polyester, allowing your custom garment to last for generations.

We support women garment workers worldwide and are proud advocates of equal pay, accessible childcare, and women in leadership positions.