HEIRS & HERS COUTURE - Custom Suits for Women 

Created for your body type, crafted for your curves. At HEIRS & HERS COUTURE we believe your womanhood is your strength. We make our custom women's suits with the same premium Italian wool as luxury men's suits to stop professional inequality at the source. 

At HEIRS & HERS COUTURE we are socially accountable—to ourself, our community, and all women. Fight for your equality with a couture suit.

Feminine structured suits.
Corporate Social Responsibility.




KHALIAH FITCHETTE - Founder & Designer 

Khaliah Fitchette is a millennial fashion designer, entrepreneur, and burgeoning human rights politician. During her time as a professional stylist on Rodeo Drive, Khaliah learned the intricacies of women's bodies and  gained custom fitting expertise. As a women's right's advocate, Khaliah believes quality custom suits will give women the equality and confidence needed to become leaders in their fields. The best dressed women will rule the world. 

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NEW PARTNERSHIP - Professional Bespoke Tailor 

We are looking for a professional feminist bespoke tailor to join our team! This role includes design input, direct client relations, and a 1:1 partnership with Khaliah Fitchette. Join the brand revolutionizing women's suits and fighting for women's equality. 

Email concierge@heirsandhers.com to learn more.