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I have always hated answering to men. I started rebelling against social norms and the patriarchy back in my pre-law college days. My problem was always how to express myself and become a leader in a way that felt genuine to me. That’s how I started designing custom suits to help powerful women fight for their dreams.

The idea for Heirs & Hers Couture came when I lost my 2020 congressional campaign. My platforms were redesigning the police, ending racism, and guaranteeing equal rights for women. I spent a full election cycle wearing cheap polyester suits, trying to keep up with the boys, and fighting for people to listen to my voice. I lost my election the same day Kamala Harris was elected Vice President of the United States and when she gave her acceptance speech, I stopped being sad because I was mesmerized by her suit

First of all, I am a feminist. Kamala's suit was gorgeous, but it was also symbolic for women all over the world. Her white suit was an ode to the women's suffrage movement and the same color suit AOC wore when she was sworn into Congress. Suits speak volumes and they are one of the easiest ways to command respect. And if you do it right, one of the most beautiful ways to express your style. 

The fabric says who you are, the fit tells whether or not you invest in tailoring. The fact that you wear a suit says you're someone at least semi-important. This is why I love suits: you don't have to say anything and the garment speaks for you. Kamala Harris's suit showed me she was the VP-elect of the United States and my polyester showed me why I didn't win. I hadn't believed in myself enough to invest in a $2,000+ Carolina Herrera. 

I call bullshit. 

Not on the Carolina Herrera, I call bullshit on not believing in myself. I actually thought I could win. I thought I was going to beat AOC and become a US Congresswoman two years younger than she did. I told all of my friends I was moving to DC and I broke up with the guy I was seeing because he didn't fit my image of Future First Husband. With all my pomp, I still lost. I didn't have the suit

Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, I went everywhere. The only problem was that I'm 5'8 and curvy so any suit I wanted to order didn't fit. My hips were too tight, my arms were too long, and even an expensive suit looks trashy if it doesn't fit properly.

And then I thought, "how many other women have these same problems?" How many of us want to change the world and can't even find a suit that fits. That is how the patriarchy keeps us down: you either surrender to a $2,000 hand-made bespoke suit or you spend your life searching for an alternative. Meanwhile, they win

Bullshit again. 

I took out my sewing machine, and I made a suit that fit me. It was a little rough, but it was mine and it fit my body, my goals, my sense of style. Fit my ambition. It even looked like something I could give to another woman. For me, it has always been about empowering women. If there are more of us in positions of power, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


The Heirs & Hers idea is that every woman deserves a great suit, so that she may chase her dreams. A suit that is not only custom, but affordable enough for a grad student to purchase on a budget. A suit that is democratic for all. I know, I know, life is bigger than a suit... but is it really? What is more important than how you show up for yourself every single day? What is more important than the thing you wear that gets you the job? Confidence counts.

I believe it is time for women to step into our power and that starts with how we represent ourselves. I want us all to feel beautiful and make big, bold moves in real life. I want us to command respect without having to say a word. I want women to be the ones wearing the best suits in the room and I want the boys to wonder, "Wow, who is that?".

This is why I decided to launch Heirs & Hers. My dream is that when the men see us in our new suits, they know that they have already lost. When a woman sees another woman wearing an impeccable navy blazer, with perhaps a hot pink lining, she knows that is a custom Heirs & Hers and they are somehow soul sisters. They are Fashion Activists.

I am so excited to dress the next generation of powerful women. And who knows, maybe the next woman who gets elected will be wearing one of my suits. Maybe that woman will be me. Or maybe, she'll be you.

With an Heirs & Hers Couture Suit, anything is possible. 

Thank you, babe, for believing in my brand. I can't wait to help you achieve your wildest dreams. Let's be better than all the boys!

This is Heirs & Hers. Don’t forget to join the Fashion Activist newsletter for weekly blog posts and I cannot wait to see what we become.

Full collection launching 5.21.21. 


Khaliah Fitchette

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